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Professional manufacturing of a single nail, pin, screw and other kinds of nails


Zhejiang MILESTONE fastener manufacturing co., LTD (formerly jiashan JinHui metal products co., LTD.) is located in jiashan county, jiaxing city, Zhejiang province west development zone, advantageous geographical location, a confluence of the two provinces and one city jiang, Zhejiang and Shanghai, 80 kilometers east of Shanghai, is the world's first stop in Shanghai in Zhejiang province, the traffic is very convenient.

Zhejiang MILESTONE fastener manufacturing co., LTD was established in 2007, the registered capital of RMB 10 million, is specialized is engaged in an organic whole, eye (hole) screw, screw nails and other special nail products r&d, production, sales and service is a body comprehensive enterprise. Company in the long-term production practice, has accumulated rich experience in production of special nail, the production of special nail up to dozens of varieties, hundreds of specifications, built more than automatic production line, annual sales of 500 million. The company has many invention patents and dozens of utility model patents, the quality reaches international level. The products are widely used in architecture, installation, decoration, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, mine, national defense and power station, etc., and have been widely sold worldwide, which has been enjoyed by many users.

In recent years, the company with the military industrial enterprises and institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions and other units close cooperation, research and development success without firing medicine solid fuel propulsion fastener installation system, and has passed the certification of international and domestic several revolutionary changes to the traditional way fastener installation of construction. In 2017 the company developed the MILESTONE (MaiSi) fastener installation system in the provinces of mainland China, places including homes, schools, hospitals, stores, office buildings, tunnels, industrial plant, etc., especially for the canopy on the top of the condole top, integration ceiling, bridge hoisting, floor cooling duct construction, lighting installation and other projects, greatly improve the working efficiency, reduce the construction time, reduce the construction cost, the height of the domestic and foreign markets attention.

Company always adhere to the "continuous innovation, people-oriented, technology first" business philosophy, to "practical, down-to-earth to good customer service" as the goal, strive to become a set research and development, production, sales of keeping pace with The Times, the service is a body comprehensive high-tech enterprise, the needs of customers, hand in hand altogether will create happy tomorrow!