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Five tips on how to twist a rusty stainless steel screw

Believe that everyone is no stranger to stainless steel screws, stainless steel screws plays an important role in our life, widely used in electrical, electronics, machinery, electronics, Marine, chemical industry, water conservancy, etc. However, do stainless steel screws really do not rust? Many people have a one-sided error in the stainless steel screws, believing that "stainless steel is not rust, and rust is not stainless steel". In fact, stainless steel screw is used frequently in daily life, time grows also easy to rust. So how do we screw the stainless steel screws once they get rusty?

1. Earthquake

For rusty screws, must not use a wrench hard to twist, in case of a screw of the six sides of the Angle, twist the screw or twist the wrench. At this point, can use the hammer to gently shake the handle of the wrench, the general rust of the screws can vibrate.

2. Knock

With the edge of the top hammer, the stainless steel nut is hit with rust. It is easy to loosen the nut. For example, the nut of the stationary bolt at both ends of the pedal can be constructed according to the thickness of the pedals and the metal structure, and the nut can be hit by the force. The nut in the cast iron is slightly larger, and the plastic is gently knocked. If not, use a hammer to turn the nut in the direction of the ring and remove the nut easily.

3. Burning

Some of the screw embroidery is very serious, the above method still does not work, can adopt "fire attack". Heat the screw with the gas welding flame, the nut will be fully roasted, and then add a touch of oil to the red-hot screw. The purpose of the heating screw is to heat the screws up. The purpose of dripping oil is to make the screw to contract rapidly, and the gap between the screw and the stainless steel nut can be tightened. But if there is a plastic device in the vicinity, use this method carefully.

4. Punch

Some parts of the stainless steel screw top corrosion shape, unable to use the wrench, the wire pliers out, can be used impact method. A v groove is first struck in the vertical direction of the screw at the top of the screw with a hammer and an iron hammer. Then, adjust the Angle of the cone, and impact the direction of the screw. After loosening, you can screw the screws out with wire pliers. This method can also be used when the word "one" or "ten" is used to screw the screw.

5, welding

When disassembling the device, the case of twisting the screw is not uncommon. The screw that breaks the top, do not use electric drill commonly, because the slightest careless move can drill down the hole. A better method is to weld a long piece of iron on the broken wire. The section of the iron block is the diameter of the stainless steel screw.