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What issues should be noted for maintenance of fastener?

Fasteners are small, but their role is huge, as an important mechanical fastening parts, need maintenance on a regular basis, so as to guarantee the fasteners, play a role of better performance, the use of more secure, and extend its service life and improve the use performance of mechanical equipment. In order to prevent some problems in fasteners, please pay attention to the following points in the daily maintenance of fasteners.

1, at the time of fasteners for the quenching treatment, to use silicate detergent to clean up the impurities, and then carefully to rinse, avoid under the fasteners on residual impurities, affect its normal application.

2, fasteners, after the tempering process, there may be signs of discoloration, soak fasteners in ether after a period of time, there will be oily substances produced, appear such circumstance suggests fasteners are clean enough. After the analysis is made, it is known that it is unreasonable to stack the fasteners when heating, resulting in slight oxidation of the fastener in quenching oil.

3. If there is a white material on the fastener, it is likely to be some phosphating. The reason for this phenomenon is that the acid cleaning machine is not used for cleaning, and it is not thorough.

4. High strength screw quenching afterheat black with uniform and smooth surface. It was detected as a caustic burn. So the steel fastener can not remove the surface alkali in the quenching oil, thus causing the surface to burn at high temperature, and aggravating the injury in the return of fire. It is recommended to clean and rinse the fasteners thoroughly before heat treatment, and completely remove the alkaline residue that causes the fasteners to burn.

5. For large size fasteners, the polymer water solution will be used to quench the fire, and the alkaline cleaning machine will be cleaned and rinsed before quenching. After hardening, the fasteners are rusted on the inside. So frequent exchange of rinse water to ensure that fasteners are not rusted in rinse.

6. High strength fasteners often see some black streaks, and this black stripe is the pollutant of surface residues, which is made to dry quench oil, which is the evolution of the gas phase in the quenching process. It is recommended to add new oil because it is too old for quenching oil.

The above problems must be paid attention to, because it will directly affect the performance of fasteners, which may lead to shorten the service life of fasteners, causing the fastener to get up early and damaged.