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Sichuan nanshan led a delegation to visit our company.

On January 9, 2018, sichuan nanshan shooting equipment fasteners co., LTD. Led kang general and the minister to visit our company.They were warmly received by jiang lihui, the chairman of the company, zhang qiwu, the general manager of the company, and Yang mingzhi, the production manager.Nan shan group was accompanied by jiang lihui, President of the company, and zhang qiwu, general manager of the company.Visited the head workshop, the drilling workshop, the tooth workshop, the assembly workshop, the electroplating workshop, the heat treatment workshop, the assembly packaging workshop and other units.The investigation team has made detailed inquiries about the surface treatment methods, geometric dimensions, drilling process and other aspects of the products, and Yang mingzhi, the production manager, gave them a solution.Subsequently, the two sides held business talks on procurement of various fasteners related matters.Chairman jiang lihui gave a detailed introduction on the development of the company.On strategic cooperation in the delivery period, payment terms, quality, after-sales service and other specific issues for further communication and consultation, nanshan group, the project cooperation all carried out orderly.Sichuan nanshan nail fastening equipment co., LTD. Is the largest manufacturer of nail fastener equipment in China.It is a wholly-owned enterprise of chongqing changjiang electrochemical industry co., LTD., the Chinese armed equipment group.Chongqing changjiang electric industrial co., LTD. Was established in 1905, is a national large-scale enterprise, state key security enterprise.