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  1. Master 603 heavy nailer
  2. Master 603 heavy nailer

Master 603 heavy nailer

  • typeMaster 603
  • price299CNY

  1. Detailed information


※ It is widely used in concrete, steel, brick masonry, rock and other components

※ Used for door and window fixing, interior decoration and electrical engineering construction

Main technical performance and parameters:

※ The principle of indirect action (piston)

※ Use S1 or S3 four power level projectio

※ Application of PJ, YJ, PD, YD, PS, PDA, YDB, QD, HQD, M6, M10, M10, KD, JP, PK, etc

※ Weight: 3.5 kg

※ Length: 375 mm


※ The transmitter automatically retreats

※ Top tube replaceable

※ With high versatility, almost all the pins can be hit

※ Small recoil

※ You can choose to use S1 or S3 by replacing the projectile

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Workable nail


You can use nail shooting pill