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  1. Master 311 semi-automatic thermal insulation nailer
  2. Master 311 semi-automatic thermal insulation nailer

Master 311 semi-automatic thermal insulation nailer

  • typeMaster 311
  • price500CNY

  1. Detailed information


※ It is widely used in the installation and fastening of all kinds of internal and external wall insulation layer of mixed soil, brick masonry, hollow brick and Mosaic wall

Main technical performance and parameters:

※ The principle of indirect action (piston)

※ Four kinds of power - scale thermal insulation special nail projectile

※ Using a 25MM-200MM thermal insulation nail (120MM -200MM should be used with special extension accessories)

※ Weight: about 2.56kg

※ Length: 413 mm


※ The construction efficiency is more than 5 times than the traditional construction method, and the construction speed is 6-8 pills/min, which greatly saves the labor cost

※ The force of fastening force is 3 to 5 times that of traditional anchor bolt, reaching 1.4kn

※ Bring energy, do not need auxiliary power, construction is convenient, avoid electric fire

※ The construction equipment is light, greatly reduces the labor intensity of the construction personnel

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Workable nail


You can use nail shooting pill