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    Master 311 semi-automatic thermal insulation nailer

    • typeMaster 311
    • BrandMILESTONE
    • price660

    1. Detailed information


    ※ Used for repairing ship steel components, DAMS, seawalls and so on

    ※ Reinforcement and fixation of steel structures and concrete of underwater buildings

    ※ Fixed when salvaging a sunken ship

    ※ Fixed for submarine cable or piping bracket

    Main technical performance and parameters:

    ※ Principle of indirect action

    ※ Use of special underwater launch tubes, five levels of power (disposable for launch tubes)

    ※ With 3/8 "hobnail, 3/8" thread

    ※ Depth of underwater operation:≤150M

    ※ Weight: about 3.2kg

    ※ Length: 387 mm


    ※ It can be used in water less than 150MM deep

    ※ Light weight and low impact pressure

    ※ A steel plate with a thickness of no more than 25MM and a variety of strength mixed soil