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  1. HAOLIJIE®Integral nail ejection device(M01)
  2. HAOLIJIE®Integral nail ejection device(M01)
  3. HAOLIJIE®Integral nail ejection device(M01)

HAOLIJIE®Integral nail ejection device(M01)

  • typeMaster 01
  • price880CNY

  1. Detailed information

1. Lightweight design, no recoil, operation zero burden.

2. Long and narrow design, which can be used in the working environment of narrow line.

3. Quick construction, with only one loading and hook combination, reduce the construction procedure and reduce the wage cost.

4. The noise is low so that it can be used in the construction environment where some people live (please operate in the correct way).

HAOLIJIE ® telescopic extension on the top of the stem provides efficient engineering application, the lightweight and durable design, with high cost-performance, save work time.

Professional design, adjustable to a variety of height, construction on the ground, do not need a ladder or elevated.


Traditional expansion bolt and HAOLIJIE ® nitrocellulose nail analysis table

In terms of M8

Traditional expansion bolt vs. HAOLIJIE ® nitrocellulose one nail

Concrete strength C30

1. The depth of the embedded wall is not even in depth.

2. Affected by the loosening degree of artificial nuts, influence the anchorage force of expansion bolts

1. No manual drilling is needed, no human drilling depth will be affected, and the depth of the embedded wall shall be uniform, with an average of 25MM.

2. The anchorage force is very fixed.

Ease of operation

1. At least two or more people cooperate. You need to punch and reload. Labor, time, and labor.

2. The labor intensity is high, the dust is large, the efficiency is low, the finished product of the whole day is installed an average of 150.

3. Not safe, if the height is more than 5 meters, it is not convenient for workers to operate.

1. One person can easily handle the construction process without first striking and reloading. Provincial, provincial and provincial labor.

2. Low labor intensity, no dust, high efficiency, and an average of 1,000 finished products per day.

3. With a connecting rod and retractable, the workers can finish the high-altitude work by standing on the ground.

The anchoring force

The correct installation of an M8 expansion bolt in concrete is designed to be 480KGS. (note: the vibration will loosen the bolt)

The nail device is used to drive a pin into the concrete. The heat expansion and shrinkage principle is used to weld nails and concrete together. Its maximum force is 935KGS.

(unaffected by vibration)


The quality of the expansion bolts in the market needs to be 0.60 yuan/one, and the average quality is 0.50 yuan per piece. But if used for ventilation ducts, it must be of good quality. And the labor costs are high.

The finished product price is 1.10 yuan/one. The quality can be assured by us UL certification and domestic CMA testing. What's more, the most important thing is that the two things that the two people can do can now be done by one person, which really saves the overall cost.

The cost calculation

1. The cost of material is 0.50 yuan for expansion bolt

2. The manual price is RMB 300 / day (8 hours)

3. Expansion bolt loss, electric hammer loss, bit loss, electric charge, overhead erection fee, etc., to 0.50 yuan/one

4. Construction of expansion bolts shall be calculated at 150 per person per day,

5. Construction cost of expansion bolts = cost of materials + labor cost + cost =0.50+ (300/150) +0.50=3 yuan/a

1. The material cost is pegged at 1.10 yuan/one;

2. The manual price is RMB 300 / day (8 hours)

3. The new process loss of the nail pin is damaged by the vulnerable parts (pin), which is equivalent to 0.005 yuan/one;

4. The new process of the nail nail device is calculated per person per day.

5. The cost of new process construction cost = material fee + labor cost + cost =1.10+ (300/1000) +0.005=1.405 yuan/one

The new technology of composite cost can be used to save 53 percent of the cost of the traditional expansion bolt, which is not calculated as the time benefit of the project.