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The mastden fastening system technical documentation

MILESTONE shoot new nail machine main principle of the fastening system tools, condole carries on the new tool has the unique product structure, appearance, material quality and performance, the impact to the traditional construction play turn expansion silk craft to carry on the revolutionary change, no longer need the impact drill, herringbone ladder, the power cord, is a new kind of high-tech product, replace the traditional process called "condole artifact". The main operation principle of the new tool for the MILESTONE ceiling; First put the nail and telescopic rod through the screw hook fixed connected each other, according to the actual height adjusting telescopic rod operation, make the height of the lever to the best height, and then put the ceiling hooks, hangers, resistant shoot nail new tools of casing in the end, the length of the boom control of actual construction, pay attention to the side took will be firing ammunition, hands clasped the telescopic rod handle position to resist forcibly push up MILESTONE nail, require MaiSi thein nail and concrete plane and vertical, operating error Angle of less than 8 degrees, MaiSi nail device instantly trigger ceiling hook up, make the ceiling hook steel nail embedded markup good condole top position.